im gonna lose more weight and get tattooed and be super hot soon just you wait

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speak shit into existence

work your ass off

and go get it

some times the shit works, my nigga.

roll the dice

take the risk

make sure the pros out weigh them cons, doe.

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For my next partner


I wanna watch you do everything you love to do. I want to witness the passion in your eyes when you talk about something you live for. I wanna witness the way you light up when you get to express yourself. Share all of it with me. Every short story, every poem, every brush stroke, run you learn, every lyric you write, every new dish you cook. I wanna hear, see and taste everything you have to offer.

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People keep asking me if I’m rushing a sorority, the answer is yes, I am rushing Chi Potle, dues are only about 7$ unless you want guac.

so I just saw this on twitter and now it’s here